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About Me

I'm a roll-up-my-sleeves and jump into adventure type of person. As a young girl, I escaped the chaos of my large family (I'm the last of 10 and a twin...aack!) by riding my bike to beach, running to the park and swinging upside down on the jungle gym, or playing basketball all day. If it involved sports, I was "in" and being naturally gifted at most athletic endeavors has made for an interesting life! 

Like most fine wines, women get better with age, and that's no exception when it comes to female athletes. Look around and you'll find moms running with their daughters and strong fit, women everywhere. 

This blog, podcast and YouTube channel are dedicated to all the sporty goddesses who refuse to "throw like a girl" or grow up and "act our age." Enjoy!


The Sporty Goddess


Contact Me:

Instagram: thesportygoddess

Twitter: sporty-goddess

Facebook group: The Sporty Goddess

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